Referee Course Registration Instructions

Thank You for your interest in becoming a Soccer Referee. To register for a clinic please refer to the following instructions.

GRADE 9 IFK Referees:

  • Must be 12 years old by the clinic date to be eligible
  • Can only referee games that are U4 - U8 IFK (Indirect Free Kick) small sided games

GRADE 8 Basic Referees:

  • Must be 13 years old by the clinic date to be eligible
  • Can referee games that are U4 - U15 games that use a single referee or are working as a part of a referee crew as an AR (Line) or Center Referee

Instructions for registering for a GLASA sponsored Referee Clinic:
GLASA clinics are primarily held to train referees who intend to work for GLASA or one of our partner associations. In an effort to help facilitate this the first 25 out of 30 seats in each clinic are reserved for people living in the cities serviced by GLASA, once the first 25 seats are filled, or one week prior to the start of the clinic, the final seats will be made available to people living outside of our association. In order to reserve these seats, an override code is required for registration.

  1. Email the GLASA Referee Trainer at Referee Training and request the override code, please include your Name, Address, Email Address and Mobile Phone Number as a part of the email request.
  2. Once you have your override code click on the registration link for the clinic you wish to attend, you will be taken to the Game Officials website.
  3. Create the User ID for the person who wants to attend the clinic.
  4. Once you have created you User ID you should be taken to the course registration page where you can click on the link at the bottom which will allow you to enter your override code and complete the registration for the course.

If you have any other questions regarding the registration process, please contact the Referee Trainer at the link above.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Soccer Official, hope to see you on the pitch.

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